The Little Book Of Chillies


If you love the tingle of chilli on your tongue, get stuck in to this celebration of the all-conquering capsicum - from mild varieties to red-hot peppers - served with a spicy side of trivia, tips and recipes

Chillies originated in the Americas but they've now gone global, finding their way onto our plates and into our hearts. Whether you get your fix in the form of classic dishes, hot sauces or new culinary creations, chillies offer all kinds of pleasures and possibilities.

This book is the perfect pocket guide to these wonders of nature, exploring how they became so widely loved, where their heat comes from, and how they can beguile and benefit our bodies.

The Little Book of Chillies will give you a taste of the following and much more:

Discover all kinds of fun chilli-related trivia, including how the Scoville scale is used to measure heat levelsTrace the journey made by capsicums across centuries and continentsGet the lowdown on world-famous chillies as well as the world's hottestMarvel at the weird and wonderful uses of chillies, from powders and pickles to pepper sprayWhip up a selection of recipes with a kick, from a terrific chilli con carne to adventurous dessert options