We stock the full range of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™, waxes and brushes. The paint works fantastically on all kinds of surfaces and we use it on many of the pieces we sell in our shop. Have a look at some of the items we have for sale which have been painted using Chalk Paint. If you don't already know much about Chalk Paint then please pop in and we can assist you with any projects you have.

About Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan developed her famous and fabulous Chalk Paint to answer the need she had for a paint which would have many uses from acting like limewash to looking like old painted furniture and that had a good range of colour. This Chalk Paint is very easy to work with and allows people to be creative and give old furniture a new lease of life!

There is so much you can do with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint - just add a little water to it to make it smooth, thicken it up by leaving the lid off, make it into a wash by adding even more water to it. Use a flat brush for a smooth look or a bristle brush for a more textured aged look. Or you can mix colours together to get your perfect tone.

Here are 10 good reasons to use Chalk Paint:

  1. It's the BEST paint for painting furniture by a long way
  2. No need to prime or prepare
  3. It is low in chemicals so good for the environment and no headaches!
  4. You can use it on any surface, indoors and out...we use it for furniture but use it on anything you please!
  5. You can thin the paint by diluting it with water to make a wash to show the wood grain
  6. If you can't find exactly the colour you want in the Annie Sloan range, you can mix them as shown in this YouTube video .. https://www.youtube.com/watch
  7. It's flexible so you can be creative and change your mind or work with it as you go
  8. It allows your walls to breathe so it is perfect for cottage walls
  9. You can use it as an impasto ( thickly) - leave the lid off to thicken
  10. Annie Sloan has been making it since 1990 so it's tried and tested

How to create a......

Fresh Painted Finish - Paint the item with one or two coats, and once dry apply clear wax over the top with a cloth or brush. Wipe off any excess wax and when its dry, buff with a soft cloth.

Vintage/Distressed/Shabby Chic Finish - As above but sand the item lightly to highlight any interesting edgings, mouldings, and then wax again. If you like, you can add dark wax to the clear wax to bring out texture in the paint and add definition to mouldings and create a much more antiqued look.

For Walls - You can use the paint as you would with regular emulsion, which can be left with a beautiful soft, flat finish or waxed to achieve an aged look. The paint works beautifully in old houses without a damp proof course as the chalk paint allows the walls to breathe.

For Wooden Floors - Chalk Paint can be painted solidly or made into a translucent wash and then varnished with our Extra Strong Lacquer. Annie Sloan paint loves concrete floors too.

To see the full range of Annie Sloan™ paint colours click HERE.

We stock all these colours along with the waxes. To purchase the Chalk Paint™ online, please visit our website here HERE

If you would like to view some of Annie Sloan's YouTube tutorials, please visit this web site HERE

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