Decorative Glass with Cork - Green


This beautiful, decorative green glass bottle is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship made in Spain. It showcases an interesting hexagonal shape that stands out, bringing a unique, eclectic vibe to any setting.

Constructed from recycled glass, this bottle exemplifies sustainability and is an ideal addition for the eco-conscious individual. The bottle is fashioned in a beautiful shade of green that exudes an aura of freshness and vitality. This tint gives it an antique allure, making it a decorative piece in any room.

The bottle is secured with a cork stopper which perfectly maintains the contents’ freshness. The stopper also brings an old-world charm, reminding one of ancient potions and timeless messages concealed within bottles.

Despite its antique look, this decorative green glass bottle is quite robust and ensures the long-lasting preservation of its contents. Its distinctive hexagonal shape gives it an extra edge of stability, preventing it from easily tipping over.

In conclusion, this decorative green glass bottle is not just a simple container but an expression of one’s aesthetic sense. Whether it is placed in your living room, dining area or kitchen, it is sure to catch the attention of guests with its intricate design and outstanding colour. Its charm lies in its minimalistic design that encapsulates the perfect blend of form and functionality.

Dimensions: H: 20.5cm