The Dog Owner's Survival Guide


A hilarious, fully illustrated book full of tongue-in-cheek advice for surviving life as a dog parent - the perfect gift for any dog lover

You have the best dog in the world, it's true. But there's no avoiding the fact that, perfect and adorable as they may be, there are certain elements of being a pup owner that you could do without. That smell they bring in when they've rolled in fox poo. The nibble-marks on your furniture. Their fur stuck to absolutely every black item of clothing you own.

Luckily, this no-nonsense guide is here to teach you all the tricks you'll ever need to help you navigate life with your furry friend, so you can focus on the positives - like giving them head-scritches and nose-boops every time they prove they're a good doggo at heart.

With pearls of wisdom like these, you'll be a pro dog parent in no time:

  • Remember to check the dog is in the room before blaming it for your fart
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dog in possession of a healthy libido must be in want of a leg
  • Start working on your mental toughness - those puppy-dog eyes are enough to break even the iciest of hearts