Scentsual Sparking Gold Yuzu Incense Stick & Holder


Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit (a bit like an orange) that's grown in Japan. Sparkling Gold Yuzu is an excellent contemporary Japanese incense with a focus on natural ingredients. The stick produces a positive and uplifting fragrance, sometimes described as being a bit like a fruity, zesty mix of orange and lemon. Free ceramic incense holder included.

'This incense has definite character. A woody, spicy citrus blend that lingers after burning. Great for those who like quirky and distinctive incense aromas. Uplifting and rejuvenating.' 

  • Scent of zesty, citrus yazu
  • Free ceramic incense holder included
  • 30 sticks per box, 12cm in length
  • Approx burning time: 30 mins per stick
  • Made by Nippon Kodo's factory in Vietnam