Scallop Wall Mirror - Esmeralda - 70cm


The large, round, scalloped mirror commands attention with its dramatic deep grooves that provide an artistic and unique flair. Boasting a 70x70cm diameter, this substantial piece is a standout item that holds its own in any space.

It is adorned in a vibrant grass green hue that brings a refreshing and energetic feel. The intense, lively colour injects personality and style, transforming the mirror into more than a reflective surface – it is an expressive work of art.

A glossy finish adds another dimension to this artistic mirror, giving it a high-shine appeal that is luxurious and on trend. This makes the colour even more noticeable, making the mirror a central focus in your room.

This decorative piece of mirror not only serves a practical function, but also acts as a modern piece of artwork, adding a sense of chic elegance to your living space. Let your decor do the talking with this statement piece that defines your style and reflects your individuality.


70 cm