Mistletoe Gold Garland


This brass decorative garland has a total length of 183cm and comprises a length of twisted wire on to which are threaded and interpretations of the mistletoe leaf and berry. The leaf forms are also made from brass sheet and are of a simple regular leaf shape with a fold along their length. Interspersed with the leaves are white beads that represent the berries of the mistletoe plant.

There are 15 clusters along the garland and there are 19 groupings of leaves. Some of the leaves sit closely to the main length of the wire whereas others have an additional length of wire so that they hang underneath the main wire.

The garland could be hung on a mantelpiece or draped on a Christmas tree. Equally it could be used as part of a table decoration scheme meandering along the length of the table or coiled into a circle and surrounding a centre piece.

Length: 183cm