Antiqued Redstone Pot Frill Rim Edge


Add some rustic charm to your indoor or outdoor spaces with this Redstone Terracotta Plant Pot. Perfect for displaying your favorite flora, the plant pot showcases a unique pie crust rim, which adds an extra touch of design flair. Its stunning redstone hue and terracotta material deliver an earthy and organic aesthetic that will beautifully complement your plant arrangements.

The finish of this plant pot has been specially aged to give it a sense of history and antiquity. This aging process ensures each piece has a distinct, slightly weathered appearance, as if it’s been part of your home for generations.

This plant pot is available in two practical sizes. The smaller version measures 15x13cm, ideal for windowsills or compact spaces. The larger one measures 20x18cm, great for larger plant specimens and can make an eye-catching centerpiece in any setting.

Remember, terracotta is porous, so it absorbs moisture. This makes it an excellent option for plants that prefer well-drained soil, such as cacti and succulents. These pots are not just stylish but are also beneficial to plant health.

Note: Given the aging finish and terracotta construction, slight variations in colour and texture can be expected – each piece is unique and adds to the charm. Get this Redstone Terracotta Plant Pot with Pie Crust Rim today, and give your plants a timeless and tasteful home.

Dimensions: W: 15 x 13cm